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Frequently Asked Question!

I have a major hair fall. Will this oil be beneficial for me?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Optio, neque qui velit. Magni dolorum quidem ipsam eligendi, totam, facilis laudantium cum accusamus ullam voluptatibus commodi numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.Yes FINE & NATURAL HAIR OIL is made by herbs like jatamansi which is very helpful in preventing hair fall.

In how many days will my hair problem be reduced?

Depending upon your diet and consistency, effective results start within 2-3 weeks.

Is this oil helpful in boosting hair volume?

This oil contains herbs like jatamansi, Amla (Gooseberry), and Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is very helpful in boosting hair nourishes the roots of the hair and makes hair long & thicker.

Which shampoo should we use?

You should use a chemical & sulfate-free Shampoo. Avoid harsh chemical shampoo for better results.

How to Apply this oil?

Apply this oil with the tips of your finger on your scalp and massage it gently. for better results apply it overnight or 1 hour before bath.use it on Alternative days.

My hair is lost from the front side will it recover from this oil?

No, once the hair follicles are closed it is impossible to come out hair from the closed follicles but it helps in maintaining your present helps in increasing their volume and curing hair fall.

Can males or females both use this hair oil?

Well, it’s for both males and females. As Herbs can be used by both and it is pure herbal hair oil so it can be used by both.

This hair oil is Beneficial in which type of hair problem?

It’s beneficial in Anti-dandruff, cures Hair full, increases hair volume, boosts hair growth, and helps in premature graying.

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